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Apropo, ati auzit de GNU Public License?

The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL) is the most widely used free software license, originally written by Richard Stallman for the GNU Project.

In 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer referred to Linux as “a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches”. In response to Microsoft’s attacks on the GPL, several prominent Free Software developers and advocates released a joint statement supporting the license. Microsoft has released Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX which contains GPL-licensed code. In July 2009, Microsoft itself released a body of around 20,000 lines of Linux driver code under the GPL. The Hyper-V code that is part of the submitted code used open-source components licensed under the GPL and was originally statically linked to proprietary binary parts, the latter being inadmissible in GPL-licensed software.

The GPL has been described as being “viral” by Craig Mundie, Microsoft Senior Vice President because the GPL only allows conveyance of whole programs, which means that programmers are not allowed to convey programs that link to libraries having GPL-incompatible licenses. The so-called “viral” effect of this is that under such circumstances disparately licensed software cannot be combined unless one of the licenses is changed. Although theoretically either license could be changed, in the “viral” scenario the GPL cannot be practically changed (because the software may have so many contributors, some of whom will likely refuse), whereas the license of the other software can be practically changed.

In the views of Richard Stallman, the metaphor of a “virus” is wrong and an extremely unfriendly thing to say. Software under the GPL never “attacks” and “infects” other software. Rather, software under the GPL is like a spider plant: If one takes a piece of it and puts it somewhere else, it grows there too.

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