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Hi, this is an important message for you, but before reading it you need to get prepared. You need to step over to the other side:



In order to step over from your world to the true world (the truth) you may want to consider this simple task: Write on a piece of paper the following ecuation: 1=1.

Now try to consider in what ways that is true…

Mathematically that ecuation is true, but have you considered other points of view?

What if mathematics lie?

What then?

There is a real posibility of that and I will explain it to you shortly: You may analyze this ecuation in any other way than according to simple mathematics and most, if not all the times it will turn up to be false.

Shurely you won`t need a magnifying glass to notice that the 1 on the left side differs slightly from the 1 on the right side of =.

Doesn`t that meen that in fact the two ones are not quite equal? Not even the 1=1 from the screen of your computer is true because the two 1s are depicted by two different areas on your screen and memorized in two different places in your computer which means they are not equal at all. You may think of apples or oranges or anything else and realize that you cannot find in the real world two identical things or concepts or ideas, mainly because all the things are unique and everything is seen through the eyes of the observer.

1 is not actually equal to 1! Only mathematics tell us so… Are they lying?

If you can gather one million reasons why the 1=1 ecuation from your piece of paper is false, you most likely won`t find other reasons for it being true, other than the mathematical one.

One million reasons against maybe only one? Now you say if the ecuation is true or false!

You may even analyze every aspect of your life, of the society and science and most of all of politics to conclude that all of them are based on lies.

Politics make all this lies possible and thriving and invade our lifes through terms like “politically correct”.

This world is based on lies.

What is the truth than?

You need to step over to see it for yourself!

If you managed to understand the help section above you may read on.

Now that you stepped over (“followed the white rabbit”) you need to learn to see again. I will help you understand what you see. It is not hard at all and you will be forever impressed by this experience.

You will first look at the world.

You will see the rocks which are emptied of life. (river beds, mountains, stoes, metheorits, comets, planets…)

You will then see the dust which may well be left over from previously living things that died long times ago or resulted from the errosion of the rocks.

You will see the sky which is actually the color of our planet reflected by the air.

You will see fire in a discontinous state, yet still appearing from time to time in different places.

You will see water which mixes with the previous elements, yet still does not waste at all.

These are true things, but do not represent thriving life.

The water you saw previously most likely holds living organisms ranging from bacteria to maybe… wales.

You will see ecosystems both on land and in water. That is tangible life.

Then you shall see the soil which is more or less fertile, but which most importantly is the sum of rotten remains of previous living organisms.

– The soil is one of the most important elements to consider when realizing the transcendence of life.

These are true things, they represent tangible life, but do not explain the blooming  life.


Let`s consider an apple tree. From it`s seed it grows. Then it feeds from the soil, then it produces seeds and apples for them to help them feed to grow into more apple trees (notice the care that the tree bares for it`s offspring). This forms a cycle, not a closed cycle but an open cycle. Every year the tree produces apples with seed, but the apples are never identical. Never the production is identical. There is a change from year to year. Ups and downs, but most of all the production changes as the tree gets older. My guess is that while the apples get weaker and unhealthyer, they get more wise. Another great influence over the apples has the soil. If the soil is the leftover from other long-gone apple trees then it may hold far more wisdom then the mothertree. This wisdom of the land is the transcendence. It is the legacy, and it holds the keys to the future. This wisdom is the Holly Spirit. It leaves its mark on any living thing. It is not to be ignored, but to be harvested.

The transcendence of things makes for a blooming life.

Every living organism is composed of millions of other living organisms, each of them “living it`s own life” with “it`s own rules”.

Only our egoism and narrow-mindedness leads us to the conclusion that we are the greatest organisms. As any living cell we may be part of a larger organism. In that case we have a purpose in life. Many generations of cells make a human lifetime.

The difference between a cell and a human could be inexpliccable. Inexplicable may be also the difference between humans and the Great God.

Life as a whole (as a Great organism) is in fact God. The Good God. It lives through us, knows everything about us, feels us, comunicates with us and has omnipotent powers upon us.

If we trully are God`s cells then it may be that God is a fat dumb fellow. This in the best case, because we may actually represent the cancer of God. (aren`t the cancer cells the most eghoistic of cells? They thrive on fresh, good quality blood and on the work of the other healthy cells. But their end is near. “The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare” 2 Peter 3:10

When you are faced with such a problem what do you do? If you are strong enough then the healthy cells help you survive and get rid of the cancer, but if you are not then you die. Either way the cancer dies. (Genesis 3:4 “You will not surely die,”)

What is driving the cancer cells? Their own egoism and unawareness. (All the fresh blood is only for them to suck and to help them grow and multiply) These cells are just like us. Their egoism and unawareness and lack of wisdom is just like they are praising false gods. In fact mostly one of them: THE LIE).

THE LIE is poisoning everything.

Timothy 3:1-5: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power.

Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/what-does-the-bible-say-about-how-the-world-will-end/#ixzz2Ffs2wM6

In order not to become a cancer cell one needs to listen to God and do what is necesarry for His well being. Not hard, but not easy either:

– whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also Matthew 5:38–5:42 KJV

So, we had the secret formula for 2000 years, but we didn`t apply it. In fact we did exactly the opposite.

Wouldn`t you like your cells to help one another, to love one another, to care for each other?

Right now we are many, but stupid and sick. We turned off our inner radio a long time ago. We can thank for this to science.

Science may be our sickness. Science is based on mathematics. Mathematics is based on a lie.We are sickened by lies.

We all have an inner radio. It is called the Cerebellum. It is connected to it`s antenna: the Spine. This “apparatus” is the only one that can help us reach the truth. It holds our instincts, our true feelings and our purpose. We can listen to it by meditation or prayer.

It tells us who we are, why we are here and how we should live.

Be sincere, live your life for the Good Great God so He may flourish.

As ration si proven evil – THINK WITH YOUR HEART, not your brain.



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