In the Mouth of Madness

Posted: 23 March 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a rotten way to end it.
This is not the ending.
You haven’t read it yet.

When does fiction become religion?

We fucked up the air, the water, we fucked up each other.
Why don’t we finish the job…
by just flushing our brains down the toilet?

Cane’s work scares me.
What’s to be scared about?
lt’s not real from your point of view…
and right now reality shares your point of view.
What scares me about Cane’s work…
is what might happen if reality shared his point of view.
Whoa. We’re not talking about reality here.
We’re talking about fiction. lt’s different, you know.

A reality is just what we tell each other it is.
Sane and insane could easily switch places…
if the insane were to become the majority.
You would find yourself locked in a padded cell…
wondering what happened to the world.
No, that wouldn’t happen to me.
lt would if you realized…
everything you ever knew was gone.
lt’d be pretty lonely being the last one left.

What if Cane’s work isn’t fiction?

You got me reading this thing like it’s a guidebook.
Originally, there was an old stone church…
built on this site in seventeen eighty-eight…
but the black church…
swallowed up the old sanctuary…
the way it has swallowed our minds.
Now there is nothing left of what was once here…
except the mosaic of our Lord and Savior…
above the front door.
Some believe the old sanctuary still exists somewhere…
trapped inside this evil edifice.

lt’s all happening for real, Trent.
And it is all in that book, and that’s how l know.
lt’s about the end to everything…
and it starts here in this place…
with an evil that returns and takes over

What are you? Where do you come from?
Where do you live?
With you.
Who takes care of you?
You do.

The author
You can edit this one from the inside, looking out.
lt’s funny, isn’t it?
For years, l thought l was making all this up.
But they were telling me what to write…
giving me the power to make it all real.
And now it is.
All those horrible, slimy things…
trying to get back in?
They’re all true.
See the instrument of their homecoming.
What you have come looking for.
The new Bible…
that starts the change…
helps you see.
Do you like my ending?

l’m losing me, John.
Help me.l’m losing me.
What’s happening?
l saw the book.
Don’t look at it. Don’t read it,John.

The author
Do you want to know the problem with places like this?
With religion in general?
lt’s never known how to convey the anatomy of horror.
Religion seeks discipline through fear…
yet doesn’t understand the true nature of creation.
No one’s ever believed it enough to make it real.
The same cannot be said of my world.
Your books aren’t real.
But they’ve sold over a billion copies.
More people believe in my work than believe in the Bible.

your books suck.
The author
You must try reading my new one.
The others have had quite an effect…
but this one will drive you absolutely mad.
So l’m told.
lt’ll make the world ready for the change.
lt takes its power…
from new readers and new believers.
That’s the point.Belief!
When people begin to lose their ability…
to know the difference between fantasy and reality…
the old ones can begin their journey back.
The more people who believe, the faster the journey.

The author
You are what l write.
Like this town.
lt wasn’t here|before l wrote it.
And neither were you.

The author
l think,therefore you are.

Come with me.
l can’t.
l’ve read to the end.

The author
l’m God now.|You understand?

lt’s Cane’s story…
and it’ll spread with each new reader.
That’s how it gets its power.

Every species can smell its own extinction.
The last ones left…
won’t have a pretty time of it.

the human race will just be a myth. Nothing more.

This is not a Sutter Cane story! This is not reality!
Not reality! Not reality!
This is reality.


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